HAN to provide quarantine services to the Nepalese rescued from abroad

quarantine services to the Nepalese by HAN

KATHMANDU, Aug 21: Approved member hotels for the quarantine of the Hotel Association Nepal (HAN) will provide services to the citizens who are rescued from abroad and returned home by air. They will provide the service by fully complying with the health standards as recommended by the World Health Organization for the prevention of COVID 19 infections approved by the Government of Nepal.

According to the approved government procedure, guests are required to stay in the hotel for at least 7 nights and check out only after the PCR test confirms that there is no infection. According to the HAN, the equipment and materials in line with the government’s health standards have been managed by the member hotels of HAN. Also, orientation training as been given to the staff on the prevention of COVID 19 infection in collaboration with the Nepal Tourism Board. The member hotels of the HAN, which provide services for quarantine, range from tourist-level to five-star.

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According to the statement issued by the HAN, At the call of the government in the current state of national crisis, the services provided by the member hotels are motivated by the objective of fulfilling social responsibility rather than profit. The HAN has stated that the member hotels are registered under the concerned tax office under the Department of Tourism, Government of Nepal, and are operating according to the hotel standards of the Government of Nepal.


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