One of the leading brands in the gadget repairs industry, Fisixworld has been offering the best of repair services. Within a short span, the company has proved its value as it has already repaired 20,000+ devices. Due to the great offering it extends to its customers, it has already created a loyal fan base all over India. Now, as it spreads its wings, it enters the Nepal market, extending its world-class gadget repair services.

With its timely, cost-effective and convenient services, it has become the one-stop-place for all gadget owners. The company believes in their motto, “Happy customers are loyal customers.” And so, it tackles a wide range of day-to-day challenges that are generally faced by all gadget owners. Some of them include, not being able to find an affordable service center, unavailability of genuine gadget parts, devices not being fixed on time because of which a lot of important works may go on hold, frauds and cheating being done with the customers in the market, and lack of data security that can create major issues.

Gone are the days when people used to roam around and look for repair shops, wait for days for the owner to find new parts, and then finally get their device back after a long wait. Sometimes this gets extended for even days when a specific gadget part cannot be found easily in the market. And a lot of times, the shop owners give back the gadget without repairing it, stating reasons such as unavailability of parts. Gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops have become an indispensable part of our lives and so, spending even a day without these can bring all important works and leisure activities to a halt.

fisixworld enters Nepal

Fisixworld aims to eliminate all such problems related with gadget repair with its wide range of services involving mobile, laptop, and tablet repair. It takes care of a lot of issues such as broken screen, battery, charging port, camera, speakers, etc, at the most affordable prices.

One characteristic that makes it stand ahead of all repair services is that it offers a completely free pick and drop facility, thus saving a lot of time, and efforts at no extra cost. The device is picked from the customer’s location, following a tracking system, fixed and delivered back to the customer within just 24 hours. It gives a 6 months warranty on all gadgets repaired by the company. Further, it has a highly qualified team of trained and experienced technicians to repair your gadget. Data is highly sensitive and personal to all and thus, the company takes extreme care about data privacy and security.

For sure, after making the lives of Indian customers easier and happier, and reaching a fan base of loyal customers, the company is all set to yield the same results in Nepal. Nepal customers are privileged to receive the best of gadget repair services at most affordable prices by Fisixworld. In future, the company aims to spread and grow in other parts of the world as well.


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