Balgopaleshwar temple in Granthkut style

The rebuilt temple in the middle of Ranipokhari is not as it was before the earthquake. Why did the style of Balgopaleshwar temple change?

Initially, concrete was used during the reconstruction of Ranipokhari and the temple under the charge of Kathmandu Metropolitan City. The use of cement and rods in the estate caused controversy.

To resolve the dispute, the corporation formed an expert group under the coordination of former director-general of the archeology department Bishnu Raj Karki. The group had recommended that the temple be built in the Granthkut style. However, initially, it was not accepted by the Department of Archeology and the Kathmandu Municipal Corporation.

However, experts and heritage lovers had put pressure on the temple to be built in the Mallakalin style. According to the report of the expert group, the Balgopaleshwar temple at Ranipokhari was built in the style of Granthkut (peak) during the time of Pratap Malla.

Prince Waldemar of Prussia visited Nepal in February / March 1845 and included a picture of Ranipokhari (“Rani Ke Taal” in his travel memoirs).

Painting by Prince Waldemar of Prussia
Painting by Prince Waldemar of Prussia- Ranipokhari

The form of Ranipokhari was also changed during the reigns of Jung Bahadur and Juddha Shamsher. According to expert group member and archaeologist Sudarshan Raj Tiwari, The earthquake of 1833 caused the peak style temple to collapse. Later, Jung Bahadur built it in dome style.

The 1933 earthquakes again damaged Ranipokhari. Made it a fighting sword, but made some changes to the dome style. And built-in dome style.

This style was maintained until the earthquake of 25 April 2015.

Initially, the Kathmandu Metropolitan City was given the responsibility of reconstruction. However, it was rebuilt by the National Reconstruction Authority after UNESCO protested the use of concrete.

An agreement was reached between Authority and construction company CA / Tulsi Construction JV on July 11, 2018. The company was tasked with rebuilding the Balgopaleshwar temple, the bridge leading to the temple and the garden around the pond. These works have been completed at a cost of Rs. 14,00,27,557.

Recently, the reconstruction of Ranipokhari has been completed through the Consumers Committee. The foundation stone laid by President Bidyadevi Bhandari on January 17, 2016, has reached the stage of completion in about five years. 


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