22450 foreigners came in April
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In the last month, 22000 foreign nationals have entered Nepal. According to the Immigration Department, a total of 22450 foreigners came to Nepal from abroad in April.

On the one hand, the mountaineering season in Nepal and on the other hand, the number of tourist arrivals is higher due to the fact that Indian nationals have made Nepal a transit destination. This is the highest number in the last year.

According to statistics, 13,202 Indian nationals came to Nepal from India in April 2021. 11,321 Indian nationals have left Nepal. In the midst of the increasing transition in India, after the Indian citizens started making Nepal a transit point, now the government has made a rule that they can come only by making Nepal a destination. You can’t come to Nepal just for transit.

In April, 2,740 tourists came to Nepal from the United States. During this period, 803 citizens came from China. 685 people have come from Russia. It is seen that a considerable number of tourists have come from different countries of Europe during this period.

540 people have come from UK. There are 313 tourists from Ukraine, 219 from Germany, 161 from France, 193 from Turkey, 174 from Poland and 136 from the Netherlands. According to the statistics of the department, 210 people came to Nepal from Pakistan and 185 from Canada.

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