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Importance of Women Education

Importance of Women Education

Education is a system of formal teaching and learning conducted through schools and other institutions. A literate population is always a necessity for any nation wishing to take advantage of modern technological growth. Education is an important requirement for human life. It is as much necessary as food, cloth and shelter. Women who cover more than half of the present total population must not be left uneducated and put in darkness. Their duties do not end in cooking and feeding only. She has a greater need of education than a man does. It is thought that both man and woman must be equally educated and they are like the two wings of a bird. Different researches have shown a direct relationship between literacy among women and improved health and child care in the family.

It is true that a home is the first school of every child and the mother is the first teacher. She must know how to nurse and take care of the child. The mother teaches her child what to do and what not to do. A well-educated mother can give a good environment to her child for better education.

Because of the polite behavior and the diplomatic speech, a well-educated woman can keep the house in right order, in peace and in happiness. She can also help the family with financial support as she can have a good job and earn good money. It should also be considered where there is good respect of women; there is always happiness and prosperity.

Thus, women education is very important in order to educate an individual, a family and the whole country. They must be empowered with education and trainings. The government and authorities concerned should play a conclusive role for the progress of their present status of education.

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