Kirtipur literally means the “city of glory”. Visit Kirtipur for an authentic experience of Newari culture, the indigenous culture of the Kathmandu Valley. Walk along its narrow lanes to observe the life of its residents who have maintained their age-old

Chilancho Vihar (monastery) is situated on the eastern side of Kirtipur. In Newar language, the word Chilan means immortal and the word Cho means Hill. Therefore, its literal meaning is the immortal god situated on the hill. The stupa is about  9.0-10.5 high on a quadrangular

Bagh Bhairav temple, one of the oldest shrines in Kirtipur is known for the guardian deity, Bhairav in the form of a tiger. The main statue and icon are composed of clay with a large silver mask with a depiction

There are many places near Thankot to visit. Thankot is the main entrance in the capital from the rest part of the country Nepal. Thankot is a large village that lies in the west of Kathmandu District in the Bagmati Zone in central Nepal. It is