Nepal is located in South Asia between China in the north and India in the south, east and west. While the total land area is 147,181 sq. km including water area of the country that is 3,830 sq. km. The

Special trekking permit must be acquired from the Department of Immigration, Kalikasthan, Kathmandu, for trekking to areas that fall under the Restricted Zone. Trekkers in Nepal are allowed to trek as FIT (Free Individual Trekker) or in a group of various

Baraha Chhetra (Kshetra) pilgrimage site is situated 20 Km away from Dharan on the confluence of Sapta Koshi and Koka river. It is mainly dedicated to the Hindu God Vishnu. According to the Legend, the Lord Vishnu once went down

Pathivara Temple is famous for Pathivara devi .Pathivara Devi shrine (3794m) is a popular pilgrimage destination that is believed to fulfill the long-cherished dreams of her devotees. The animist deity at Pathivara is worshipped with equal reverence by both Hindus